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The Transient Frontier


It is the year 2112, the Solar System and Earth especially have been through a series of wars and disasters that have left behind a plethora of independent colonies and nations. The massive use of terra-forming, biotechnology, and nanotechnology has made the Solar System a completely different place. It is so radically different in fact that someone from a hundred years earlier would barely recognize it.


The feel of the universe is something similar to that of the old Wild West. When outside of the colonies there is no government or law enforcement agency. Space is like the high seas of old, plagued by pirates and the only law is that of the mercenaries or the merchant caravan guards.


Even though the average tech level at this time is TL13, there are several restrictions that make many devices unavailable, or they function differently than normal. Please consult the technology section for a complete breakdown of the differences.

Due to the rapid progression of tech levels and the many wars that have been fought the cultural taboos of this universe are quite specific on what is merely bad behaviour, and what will get you shot on sight. It is highly recommended that you read the culture section.

The Playing Field

At this time in the campaign universe there are no major wars going on anywhere, however there are many small skirmish’s between Colony States, pirates and other Outlaw groups. Mercenaries and Bounty Hunters are in quite heavy demand.

For guidelines on character creation, and more background into the world itself, please refer to the character creation section.

Author's Notes

The creation of this universe was heavily influenced by anime such as Cowboy Bebop, Big Wars, Outlaw Star, Venus Wars, Exo-Squad, MD Geist, and the various Gundam and Macross series.

Concepts from many novels have also been pilfered, including the Deathstalker series of novels by Simon R. Green; and the Empire From The Ashes series by David Weber.

Reading and watching some or all of the above can only enhance the mood of the campaign.