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Palladium Books is the publisher of many fine role playing games. They are probably most well known for the RIFTS campaign world, which is a diverse universe which also allows you to link all the various other games they have together.

Most of their games all share a common rules system, so its relatively easy to move from one game to another. This is also what allows players and GM’s to take characters and such from the other games (say for example Robotech) and drop them into the Rifts universe.

Since most of their games share a similar rule system, I made a customized generic character sheet that should work for most cases, you can find it below.


An original creation by Palladium and one I found had enormous potential to expand on. One of the first things I did was try and come up with a way to get all the cool stuff that was in Robotech, into the Rifts universe. I called my expansion Siratech Enterprises, and and although I never completed it you can see what I have below.


Based on the popular 80’s animated series of the same name, of which I am a huge fan. This was the game that first drew me into role playing games. I didn’t really ever create much in the way of unique material for it though. At least not that I can find anyways. One day I might come across some though, and then I might even post it here.
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